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blockchain investors

Blockchain: Why investors need to watch this space

In the late 70s and early 80s we saw the start of the technology boom with Microsoft and Apple beginning to become household names. More than 40 years later I believe we are at the start of a new wave of a technological innovation. So, where is this ... More
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printing money isnt the answer

Why printing money isn't the solution to a crisis

In times of crisis, it seems that governments around the world are more than happy to continue to dish out ever-increasing stimulus packages to solve the problem but are they just delaying the inevitable or are they spending our grandchildren's future? ... More
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afterpay buy now pay later

Afterpay: Has the sun set on buy now, pay later shares?

Over the past few years, Australians have flocked to buy now pay later services (BNPL) due to an explosion in companies offering this service, including Afterpay,, Sezzle and Splitit to name a few. The attraction of these BNPL services has also ... More
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