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How to protect your home from a hefty $6000 repair bill

Homeowners have paid $10.5 billion to cover building defects in the past decade. New research by the comparison website Mozo has revealed that it cost $6434 to fix the average apartment defect and $5839 if something went wrong in your house. Mozo property ... More
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Ask Paul: Can we afford a $300,000 renovation?

Q. I am 37 and earn $120,000pa before tax. My wife works part-time and earns 30,000-$40,000pa. We have two kids, a boy aged 7 and a girl aged 3. Our house, in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, is valued at about $780,000. Including an offset of $116,000 ... More
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Cherie Barber on flipping property in a cooling market

Can you still make money flipping property? Absolutely. I have students all across the country who are making great profits with just a cosmetic renovation. But you have to be very strategic about the property you buy and how much you spend on the renovation ... More
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What you need to know about the new depreciation rules

The best way to understand the new depreciation rules is to break them down into nine simple key points. 1. Used assets From May 10, 2017, if you acquire a second-hand residential property that contains "previously used" depreciating assets, you will ... More
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