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A quick guide to super for the smashed avo generation

We all want to have plenty of money to do the things we like and not have to worry, but sadly more than 50% of Australians spend what they earn or more than what they earn. What is even more alarming is that means the majority are essentially broke ... More
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16 things you should know about superannuation

1. If you're paid more than $450 a month your employer should pay super ... unless you're under 18 If you're 18 or over and are paid $450 or more (before tax) in a month, your employer should contribute at least 9.5% of your ordinary earnings (ie, your ... More
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Five things you didn't know you could salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement whereby your employer pays for goods or services on your behalf out of your pre-tax salary. This can reduce your taxable income and increase your disposable income each pay period. Any employee can salary sacrifice ... More
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Turning your tax liability into extra savings

Because of the way tax is applied to superannuation, savvy employees can turn what would have been a tax liability into extra savings through salary sacrifice. Many Aussie workers can, by agreement with their employer, have money paid into their super ... More
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