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How young Aussie women are overtaking male investors

Shares are gaining favour among young women, with research from Nabtrade showing that female gen-Zers hold 20% more assets than their male peers. Women are also more inclined to play the long game, making fewer trades than men despite holding larger ... More
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The number one reason women worry about money

How often do women worry about money? If you find yourself frequently thinking about money, you are not alone - 42% of women worry about money either every day or at least weekly which is a lot more than men. More than half (52%) of women don't think ... More
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Shivan Gopal, founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman, shares the best money advice she's ever received.

'Never rely on a man for your money': my best money advice

Shivani Gopal is founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman, a leadership and mentoring organisation that gives women access to the tools they need to advance their careers. Shivani also works with organisations in providing leadership programs to retain ... More
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