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Shivan Gopal, founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman, shares the best money advice she's ever received.

'Never rely on a man for your money': my best money advice

Shivani Gopal is founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman, a leadership and mentoring organisation that gives women access to the tools they need to advance their careers. Shivani also works with organisations in providing leadership programs to retain ... More
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Why more women in the boardroom matter to your portfolio

Gender equality gives investments an edge Investing in companies top heavy with men - particularly at the board level - could be letting your portfolio down. It is better to go for companies with plenty of women throughout the company and in top roles ... More
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10 tips for managing your super in your 20s

Retirement can seem so far away when you're young, but now is the time to whip your super into shape. Here's what you should be doing with your super in your 20s 1. Choose a single fund For any job you've ever had you are likely to have ... More
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