Regional incentives will lure tree-changers out of cities


It's time to encourage people out of metropolitan Australia and into our regional areas.

Fast trains, technology and incentives to relocate would go a long way to help with the housing affordability issue.

There is a huge untapped desire for people to leave the rat race and set up a life for themselves outside the city.

rat race tree change sea change regional

Encouraging families and retirees is simple and effective, especially when infrastructure is put in place to support their requirements.

The mobile office is a reality in 2017 and remote working is common practice for a growing number of our largest companies.

For those who feel deeply entrenched in the city lifestyle, it's time for planning to recognise the shift in the way people live.

We are stuck on building apartments and houses in the same manner as we did back in the 1990s.

With more people living by themselves in our big cities it's time that Australia embraced the studio or loft, much as New York has.

The banks and planners are standing in the way of this with their current lending criteria and planning rules that don't allow for properties so small, but it's time to recognise the way people want to live now.


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