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Top 50 share buys and property hotspots for 2018

2018 shaping up as a challenging year for investors, so we've named the top 50 locations for property investment and 50 of the best shares for 2018, from Newcastle to Nick Scali.

Four ways to pay for school fees

money february 2018 issue

School fees for a child born in 2017 can now top $75,000 so which is the best way for parents to pay for their child's education: investment bonds, managed funds, education funds or home loan offset accounts?

Changing how credit card interest is calculated

How many Aussies actually understand how credit card interest is calculated? A new proposal could bring welcome savings and change the way consumers are charged for purchases.

Giving money to adult kids: is it a loan or a gift?

Australians hand out $1.65 billion a year in informal loans to family and friends, and misunderstandings are rife over whether these hand-outs are loans, gifts or early inheritance. We look at how parents protect themselves against financial and emotional turmoil.

How to invest in property with $100,000

Not all property investments come with million-dollar price tags. We compare three options - building a granny flat, buying a car space and buying cheap commercial or residential property - for under $100,000.

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