Friends With Money #44: Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

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What's the best approach to get ahead in your job? It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This week Money's Julia Newbould speaks with behavioural economist and psychologist, Phil Slade, about the need to make the most out of your earning ability. They discuss:

  • What does it mean by being comfortable with being uncomfortable?
  • Why do we run away from discomfort?
  • Why we approach negotiation with scepticism 
  • Why you have to assume that people will be reasonable
  • How to keep the apes at bay

friends with money podcast getting comfortable being uncomfortable

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Julia Newbould was editor-at-large and later managing editor of Money from November 2019 to February 2022. She was previously editor of Financial Planning and Super Review magazines; managing editor at InvestorInfo and at Morningstar Australia. Julia co-authored The Joy of Money, a book on women and personal finance. She holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney where she serves on the alumni council.

Phil Slade is a behavioural economist and psychologist and the author of Going Ape S#!t! and founder of Decida. He works across digital innovation, strategy and cognitive bias. Phil holds a Bachelor of Psychology from The University of Queensland and a Master of Organisational Psychology from Griffith University.