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The July issue of Money is on sale now. From how to teach your kids about money to the hidden costs of refinancing your mortgage, here's what you can expect.

What I taught my kids about money

Teaching kids about money will pay dividends for the rest of their lives. Four Australian money experts - Money editor Effie Zahos, stockbroker Marcus Padley, Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank investor Janine Allis, and Money chief commentator Paul Clitheroe - share the financial advice they give their children. Plus, how to teach good money habits at all ages, five money apps for kids, how to move on from the piggy bank, starting out in investing, and readers share their best tips for raising money-savvy kids.

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The hidden costs of refinancing your home loan

Don't assume that refinancing your home loan to a lower rate will save you money. Refinancing the mortgage can come with hidden costs. Here's what to watch out for, and how to prepare.

How to score a pay rise

Almost half of all skilled professionals plan to ask for a raise this year, but new research shows pay rises won't come easily for most. So how can you give yourself the best chance of landing the raise you deserve? We have five tips, including what you can ask for instead.

Why millennial couples aren't bothering to merge their money

An increasing number of Aussie couples are keeping their finances separate, so how are they managing money? We look at the pros and cons of joint finances and why it's losing favour.

How to include your pets in your will

Too many dogs and cats are left homeless when their owners die, but you can provide for them in your will. We explain how to make sure your pet is cared for after you've gone.

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