The six types of people suited to studio apartments


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For many, the thought of squeezing into a small living space can seem daunting but as property prices in most capital cities continue to soar so too has the popularity of the humble studio apartment.

For younger generations that are finding it difficult to step onto the property ladder, studio apartments offer an affordable option compared to larger properties.

In fact, according to recent research from Gateway Credit Union, 68.7% of Australians agree that studio apartments are a good way for first home buyers to break into the current property market.

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For the many millennials out there looking to achieve the dream of home ownership, living in a smaller space does not seem to be a deterrent, with 30.8% of Aussies aged between 18 to 29 stating they would rather buy a studio apartment in their ideal location than a bigger property further away in a less ideal location.

And while the one-room wonder certainly has its charms, it's not for everyone. Here are the six types of people that are most suited to studio living.

  1. The Working Whizz

If you're single, working in or near a main city and too busy socialising and building your career to be at home then a studio apartment would be perfect for you. Let's face it, a low maintenance space, close to where you work, where you really only spend time to eat, shower and sleep ticks all these boxes.

  1. The Housework Hoodlum

If housework is your kryptonite then the studio apartment is your Superman.

The tiny space of the studio makes cleaning a snap. Not only does it save you time but given you also use less cleaning products you're also saving money.

  1. The Solitary Soldier

Love alone-time? With most studio apartments averaging 40sqm it's fairly difficult to host more than one other person without an invasion of personal space occurring.

For that reason, the studio apartment is great at ensuring your friends won't be hanging at your place too often.

  1. The De-Clutter Demon

If you're all about the minimalist movement and avoid clutter at all costs then a studio apartment fits the bill.

With minimal space at your disposal it's nearly impossible to gather unnecessary items.

  1. The Multi-Tasking Master

If you have juggling many tasks down to an artform consider the studio apartment your stage.

Living in one room means you can practise multi-tasking each and everyday without even trying. Watch TV while cleaning, cook while doing the laundry, make your bed while cleaning the living room; the options are endless.

  1. The Creative Conqueror

Decorating gets the creative juices flowing but decorating a studio apartment takes your creative genius to another level.

Finding dual-purpose furniture, sneaky decorating tricks that create the illusion of space and unique storage ideas will give you a sense of satisfaction.

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