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bond scams

Beware of bogus bond funds, ASIC warns Aussies

Bond investment scams are on the rise, warns the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Scammers call up unsuspecting investors offering high-yield bonds. ASIC has been aware of two outfits running the scams here in Australia and two ... More
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how to find the right share trading platform for you

How to find the right share trading platform for you

A lot has been said in recent months about the spike in retail (smaller) investors who are trading shares on the ASX and other exchanges overseas. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on sharemarkets has no doubt presented smaller investors with daily ... More
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scam alert term deposit better rates

The dodgy investments that are too good to be true

The regulator ASIC is warning retail (smaller) investors to be cautious when investing in fixed-term products that directly compare themselves to bank term deposits. It is seeing a surge in marketing and advertisements for fixed-term investment products ... More
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