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If you're claiming your commute to work or the cost of drycleaning your business shirts as tax deductions, you could land yourself in hot water with the ATO.

The 10 tax deductions Aussies keep getting wrong

Here are 10 common tax deductions Aussies are getting wrong which could land them in hot water with the ATO. 1. All car-related costs including home to work travel Contrary to what Aussies might assume, while you can claim expenses if you are having ... More
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quitting shopping shopping ban

10 simple life-hacks to help you spend less on clothes

Last year I went the whole year without buying clothes . My self-imposed ban included everything from shoes, underwear and accessories. Why? Well, firstly to save money and secondly (and perhaps more importantly) to do my bit for the environment by ... More
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save money on back to school expenses

How to save money on back-to-school shopping this year

Back to school expenses often hit at a bad time for many families. Christmas has been and gone, the presents unwrapped and the toys and gifts no longer bringing as much joy as they did when opened on Christmas morning. But now money needs to be found ... More
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recycling environment planet ark

Swap, deposit, sell: five tips to save money and the earth

There are lots of good causes that cost money, so how refreshing is it to find one that not only saves money but maybe even makes some? In the lead-up to Planet Ark's National Recycling Week from November 12 to 18, we've put together a list of cost-effective ... More
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