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Skip the big banks to save when sending money overseas

If you are one of the many Australians who regularly send money to family overseas or conducts business internationally with the big four banks, it might surprise you to learn that you are being hit with some of the highest money transfer rates in the ... More
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pros and cons of buying property overseas south of france

The pros and cons of investing in property overseas

What are the benefits of investing in property overseas? It can be high risk but the rewards can also be high. Some of my students bought property overseas straight after the GFC when prices plummeted in many countries and they have since benefited ... More
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new $50 note rba edith cowan David Unaipon currency australia cash money tender

First look at Australia's new $50 note

Aussies have had their first glimpse of the new 'pineapple', with the redesigned $50 note to be released in October. The third Australian note to be redesigned, it retains the images of inventor David Unaipon, Australia's first published Aboriginal ... More
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How to buy Bitcoin: Money's step-by-step guide

So you're thinking about investing in Bitcoin but how do you actually do it? Set up a digital wallet The first step before you buy any cryptocurrency is to set up a digital wallet. This will be a relatively secure place to store your bitcoin and also ... More
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