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covid christmas budgeting

Nine clever hacks to stay on budget in a COVID Christmas

This Christmas will perhaps be our most important one ever - the chance to regroup and express gratitude for everything we still have in our lives, after a year marred by bushfires and COVID-19. While it won't be business as usual, these tips will ... More
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how to buy shares for your kids or grandkids tax

How to start buying shares for your kids or grandkids

Shares are truly the gift that keeps on giving, potentially providing dividends for years to come and generating welcome capital growth over time. With the festive season approaching, shares can be a handy stocking stuffer, but there are hazards to ... More
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best companies for parental leave

The best companies to work for if you're a new parent

When my first child was born, I didn't receive paid parental leave from my employer or the government. But these days a birth mother can qualify for government-funded parental leave of 18 weeks for a newborn. On top of this, around 50% of Australian ... More
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learn their money language

Why you need to learn your partner's money language

Before my career as a behavioural economist, I worked in the arts. We were in the last two weeks of rehearsals for a major theatre production of Romeo and Juliet and a heated argument broke out between three key people about how the director wanted ... More
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four ways to get on the property ladder

Four ways to get your foot on the property ladder

For those under 40, the Australian dream of owning a property has been an increasingly challenging prospect. In the last two decades house prices have skyrocketed (16 times the median wage versus four times in the 1980s), jobs have become casualised ... More
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