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why we need to talk about money behavioural economics phil slade

The ugly truth behind why we don't talk about money

Money is just a "thing" - a man-made construct created simply to help us trade goods and services and help describe the value of other "things". But it's not really just a thing, is it? It's so much more. As we grow up, our family's financial status ... More
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break-up survival guide budget

The break-up survival guide: 10 money mistakes to avoid

"Happily ever after" has not panned out. The relationship you have invested time, emotions, energy and money in has been deemed - either by you or your now ex-partner - to be irrevocably broken. Divorce is something that the Australian Bureau of Statistics ... More
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single singles couple couples dating married boyfriend girlfriend partner real estate property

Why single people are less likely to own property

There's no question that house hunting becomes more of an endurance test than an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. But CoreLogic research suggests your chances of overcoming the financial hurdles are far greater if you're part of a couple. ... More
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