The three cheapest phone plans on your mobile network


With the rise of the tiny telcos in Australia, we've seen the price of mobile phone services plummet.

Where we once spent time and effort monitoring our phone calls and how much data we used, we now talk all day and stream Netflix to our phones, and many of us spend much less on our bills than before.

But with this dramatic drop in price there is still a big question mark over the brands responsible for the lower costs. Can we trust these small, relatively unknown service providers?

Work related claims phone plans

Lots of people we speak with at WhistleOut share the same concern. Many tell us that they would love to save big on their phone bill but what about the coverage?

Whether you're a busy professional, a small business owner or a student or you're raising a family, everyone needs great mobile phone reception. It's what we're paying for, after all.

The good news (and it comes as a surprise to most people who ask us about this) is that there are only three mobile networks in Australia: those owned and operated by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Every other phone company has to offer its services on one of these networks.

So if you choose Amaysim as your provider, you get full access to the Optus 4G Plus network. If you choose Boost Mobile, you make your calls and download your data on the Telstra network.

Add this to the fact that most tiny telcos only offer plans with no lock-in contracts, and that you can always transfer your phone number easily, and you have a compelling reason to consider a risk-free switch.

To get you started, here are some of the best-value plans on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks. All include unlimited calls and SMS to Australian numbers, so you really just need to focus on the data included and the price.

Telstra 4G Network

Plan Calls/SMS Data Price Expiry
Aldi Mobile L Value Pak Unlimited 2GB $24.95 30 days
Woolworth's Prepaid $30 Unlimited 3GB $30 30 days
Aldi Mobile XL Value Pack Unlimited 6GB $35 30 days

Optus 4G Network

Plan Calls/SMS Data Price Expiry
Vaya Unlimited S Plan Unlimited 2GB $22 Monthly
Jenee Mobile Pennywise Unlimited Plan Unlimited 2.5GB $25 Monthly
Vaya Unlimited M Plan Unlimited 7GB $34.99 Monthly

Vodafone 4G Network

Plan Calls/SMS Data Price Expiry
Lebara Mobile National Plan Unlimited 5GB $29.90 30 days
Kogan Mobile 3XL Plan Unlimited 3GB $29.90 30 days
TPG T4G II Plan Unlimited 7GB $34.99 1 month


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